Happy Christmas from City Architects!


Happy Christmas to all from City Architects and best wishes for 2015.  This has been a busy year and we have tried to keep you updated throughout 2014 on this blog.   This has included posts on urban design proposals, such as latest with the Grafton Street Quarter, updates on the latest work in ongoing projects such as Kevin Street Library, pieces of research on topics like the earliest coffee houses in the city, alongside the housing projects that City Architects work on.

I’d also like to take this opportunity myself, to sign off from my duties at the City Architects Blog.  For the last 12 months, as well as keeping the blog updated, I have been working in City Architects on a number of projects dealing with issues affecting the city.  These topics have ranged from dereliction, to housing densities, to conservation.  I was also part of the core team for November’s Hidden Rooms conference.  Thanks to everyone in the office for their help during this time, and for providing material to keep the site interesting.

All the best,

– Ciarán

The main image, taken from comeheretome.com , shows a vintage postcard of a snowy College Green