2020 Project Targets (Post 4 of 7) Area Office Programme

Mud Island Community Garden

Dublin City Council’s Area Offices are the key to coordinating the delivery of services in communities across the City’s five administrative areas. The Area Offices provide a broad range of services including local housing services, communities development projects, street repairs, dealing with litter and graffiti and sports development among others.

D-Light Studios

This fourth post about our 2020 project programme sets out the work that Team 5 in City Architects will be carrying out on behalf of the Council’s Area Offices. As well as this programme, Team 5 also covers a broad range of work including house extensions for people with disabilities, traveller accommodation and services for Dublin Fire Brigade.

Community Event in the North East Inner City
Image Credit: Chris Shelley

An important focus of the Area Office programme is the North East Inner City, where the team have been involved in projects that include the redevelopment of a landmark historic building, Rutland Street School as a hub for local community groups, initiatives to address urban blight and plans for local public realm improvements.

The following list’s Team 5 Area Office programme projects by name and location, description, team, and 2020 target. Abbreviations of design team roles are explained at the end of the list.