2020 Project Targets (Post 7 of 7) Large Scale Projects

Lands at Emmet Road
Image Credit; Google Earth, 2019 Imagery

The previous blog posts in this series focused on the main work areas of each of the teams in City Architects. Here we are highlighting some of the larger, more strategic developments that City Architects have been working on.

The first of these is a development masterplan for lands at Emmet Road in Inchicore, site of the former St. Michael’s Estate. In early 2019 Dublin City Council appointed an urban design team, led by DMOD Architects, to prepare a Development Framework Plan for the optimum model of redevelopment of lands at Emmet Road, Inchicore, Dublin 8.

This plan is intended to be a balanced response to competing considerations of affordability, sustainability, development standards, mobility, safety and placemaking of quality. The proposal is predominantly residential in nature, supplemented and supported by community facilities. The residential accommodation is proposed to be a mix of Social Housing and Cost Rental Housing, which is a new initiative for Dublin City Council.

Link to Emmet Road Blog article;  https://bit.ly/2wpSiJh

2020 targets:

Appoint an integrated design team by Q-1 2020.

New City Library
Image credit: Grafton Architects and Shaffrey Associates

The Council is progressing the first phase of the development of Parnell Square Cultural Quarter, the landmark cultural facility to be anchored by the new City Library. This key regeneration project in the north inner city being led by DCC Libraries will be a significant investment in the historic fabric of Parnell Square, the oldest of the city’s Georgian Squares.

2020 targets:

Complete Ground & Site investigations. Submit Fire & DAC applications. Commence detailed design.

The Housing Land Initiative is a housing development process for three development sites in prime locations, with lands at O’Devaney Gardens being the initial project. The process involves procurement of a developer through Competitive Dialogue which places tight control over the developments via a contractual Development Agreement. City Architects are providing architectural and urban design advice and review services in the development of the standards and design proposals.