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PIVOT Dublin

PIVOT Dublin


"Well designed places, well designed homes, well designed public domains create value, respect, empathy between people."*

Dublin City Council is committed to using design to improve the attractiveness, liveability and sustainability of our built environment in its roles as planning authority, manager of public spaces and buildings and through its own construction projects.

Dublin City Architects is responsible for promoting design and providing architectural, urban and conservation design services to Dublin City Council. In doing this, we will:

  • Aim for Dublin’s citizens to enjoy the highest quality built environment; one that is clear, generous, appropriately scaled, positive to context, well made and which promotes access and inclusion.
  • Work to achieve excellence in the ordinary.
  • Consider places before buildings so that new developments contribute positively to public spaces.
  • Learn from the past in creating architecture that matches the quality and longevity of earlier periods.
  • Facilitate architecture that is contemporary, performs to the highest environmental standards, addresses climate change and is culturally cosmopolitan.

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29.10.2014Review of Open House Dublin 2014


Last weekend’s Open House event may be regarded as a high point in the on-going awareness raising initiative that the City Architects Conservation team have guided on Aungier Street – the first planned-suburb of the modern city commenced in 1660 outside the precinct of the medieval Castle.

The event focused on providing access to a number of the key sites that best inform the story line of this unique area. A bespoke walking tour map was designed and tours were delivered by City Architects Conservation team over the course of the weekend.


The walking tour captured the theme of ‘Learning from Buildings’ and highlighted the following concepts – the historical context of the Castle and the introduction of Renaissance design, the social status of the Aungier Mansions, the attraction of the creative community to the historic character of the area, the uniqueness of surviving 17th Century buildings and the historic streetscape, the cultural tourism potential of the Whitefriars’ Priory and the positive benefit of heritage conservation to the community and the city in general.

As part of the event the extraordinary appearance of the C17th streetscape, as it was originally conceived by the Aungier estate, was captured in the creation of a historic streetscape of hand-painted biscuits of ‘Aungier Mansions’ and ‘Dutch Billys’ for shop window displays in the area


This is the first time that access has been possible to what has become known as the ‘earliest most intact domestic residence’ surviving in the city, due to the completion of a programme of conservation stabilising works.

 The weekend witnessed unprecedented crowds gathering in Aungier Street to access 9/9A Aungier Street with hundreds of disappointed visitors literally turned away at the door as the capacity of the event exceeded demand.


Visitors to the house were given an explanation by City Architects of the significance of the surviving 17th century street, its conservation detail and its features.  City Architects also hosted tours of the following –

 Pearse House Flats

Wholesale Fruit & Vegetable Market

Rates Office

Dublin City Hall

Vernon Pumping Station

McKee Court Senior Citizen Housing

Rathmines Square

Mansion House

Bridging the Liffey Walking Tour

The success of the event was due to the great support provided by the partners involved – the Department of Arts Heritage and the Gaeltacht, the OPW Dublin Castle, the owners of Buildings, their Conservation Architects/Design Teams and the Local community, in particular the Whitefriars Priory.   Open House Dublin is delivered by the Irish Architecture Foundation.

Download the publication Aungier Street: Revitalising a Historic City Neighbourhood


City Architects Grade 1 Conservation Team: Susan Roundtree, Nicki Matthews (Conservation Officer) and Oiseen Kelly

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