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PIVOT Dublin

PIVOT Dublin


"Well designed places, well designed homes, well designed public domains create value, respect, empathy between people."*

Dublin City Council is committed to using design to improve the attractiveness, liveability and sustainability of our built environment in its roles as planning authority, manager of public spaces and buildings and through its own construction projects.

Dublin City Architects is responsible for promoting design and providing architectural, urban and conservation design services to Dublin City Council. In doing this, we will:

  • Aim for Dublin’s citizens to enjoy the highest quality built environment; one that is clear, generous, appropriately scaled, positive to context, well made and which promotes access and inclusion.
  • Work to achieve excellence in the ordinary.
  • Consider places before buildings so that new developments contribute positively to public spaces.
  • Learn from the past in creating architecture that matches the quality and longevity of earlier periods.
  • Facilitate architecture that is contemporary, performs to the highest environmental standards, addresses climate change and is culturally cosmopolitan.

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28.02.2017Green Construction Award for Ballymun Boilerhouse Retrofit


Ballymun Boiler House project has won the Green Construction Award at the Greens Awards 2017. The Ballymun Boiler house redevelopment was part funded under the EU WISER Life Programme.

The team was delighted to pick up the Green Construction Award 2017 at the Green Awards on 21/2/2017. A great acknowledgement of the hard work and dedication of the entire project team from Dublin City Council, The Rediscovery Centre, ABK Architects, Purcell Construction and Tom Woolley, Environmental Consultant. The Green Awards are the long-standing benchmark for excellence for those demonstrating best green practice in Ireland.


The Project successfully sought to retrofit the old Boilerhouse in Ballymun  by creating an educational space and innovative learning experience demonstrating excellence in building reuse, low carbon construction and sustainable development. The prototype “3D textbook” will promote positive behavioural change with regard to resource management .

The retrofit of the building included using recycled materials from the old boilerhouse, with energy and water systems designed to conserve precious resources and demonstrate the latest research with regard to environmental sustainability. The centre will deliver targeted environmental workshops and education programmes for all ages and provide green services and products created on-site by waste reuse eco-enterprises.


The project was funded by the EU LIFE+ Programme, The Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government (now the Department of Housing, Planning, Community & Local Government and the Dept of Climate Action, Communications and Environment) Dublin City Council and The Rediscovery Centre.

For further information go to the WISER LIFE website at www.wiserlife.eu or follow them on Facebooktwitter or Linkedin.


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