Teeling Way Apartments, East Road, east wall, Dublin 3

‘Dangerous Buildings’ is a statutory section within DCC, under the direction of the City Architect, which is concerned with buildings, structures or sites deemed a danger to the public. It operates under the remit of the Local Government (Sanitary Services) Act 1964 as amended.

‘Dangerous Buildings’ work includes monitoring, inspecting, reporting, removing or making safe any building or structure perceived to be a danger within the Dublin City Council area. A team of four DB Inspectors monitor and respond to reports on a day-to-day basis. We do not take action under DB legislation without proper and expert consideration. This will range from undertaking structural engineering surveys and obtaining detailed Conservation Officer advice where appropriate. We will always look to undertake the least invasive works in making a structure safe and only undertake demolition in whole or in part when absolutely necessary. It is also important to emphasise that, under the DB legislation, we cannot undertake remedial works to a property beyond ‘making safe’.

DB Notices are issued to the owners of properties advising necessary remedial action or, as a last resort, taking immediate action to remove danger and making safe. These Notices take the form of:

DB.3 (black) – requires the owner of the property to carry out the described works necessary within 28 days;

DB.2 (green) – requires the owner of the property to carry out the described works necessary within 14 days;

DB.1 (red) – enables the DB Inspector to access the site with the necessary equipment and personnel to immediately make safe and eliminate danger at the property or structure. DCC DB will look to recoup any costs associated with the works from the owner on completion.
Following on from the 2016 series of notices. DB1 notices issued in October 2017 are as follows:

10.2017 – 86 King Street, Dublin 7.

Derelict site open to entry. Resecured said site


10.2017 – 37 Thomas Court, Dublin 8.

Ground floor level door open to entry. Re-secured said ope.


10.2017 – 20 Windmill Road, Crumlin, Dublin 12.

Site entrance gates to hoarding open to entry. Re-secured said gates.


  • 10.2017 – Former Protim Site, Tolka Valley Industrial Estate, Dublin 11.

Site open to entry to rear.


10.2017 – Teeling Way apartments, East Road, East Wall, Dublin 3

Unsecured roofing materials, during hurricane Ophelia. Removed said materials


10.2017 – 55B Roseglen Road, Kilbarrack, Dublin 5.

Front and rear ground floor windows open to entry. Re-secured opes.


10. 2017 : 5no. DB1’s – 1-8 Abbey Cottages.

DB1 Notices dated: 5/7, 23/08, 30/08, 3/10, Site open to casual entry.  Resecured hoarding.


10.2017 – 1 Cherry orchard Grove, Dublin 10.

Door & window open to entry. Re-secured opes.