Dublin House Launch, Monday 21 July

The Dublin House Project will be launched today, Monday 21st July, at 11:00.  Among those in attendance will be the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Christy Burke, and City Architect, Ali Grehan.  The launch will take place on the site advertised for the project, 29-30 Fishamble Street.

Dublin House is an initiative of the Housing Department through the City Architects’ Division to promote the potential of small-scale residential development in the inner city and inner suburban areas. It is a trial initiative to enable people to be citizen-developers by facilitating them to design and create their own bespoke homes for themselves in the city.

Ahead of the Launch the Lord Mayor said “I am delighted that Dublin City Council is introducing the Dublin House project as another initiative to encourage and enable families to live in the city centre. I look forward to seeing this initiative succeed in this historic part of the city.”

Ali Grehan, City Architect, explained “Promoting diverse owner-occupied city centre family- friendly homes is the underlying aspiration of the Dublin House project. This offers households an opportunity to come together as a group to design and develop the site in a way that suits their housing needs today and into the future. Through this innovative project Dublin City Council also wishes to address the under-provision of this type of housing delivery in the city centre and hopes that this can be replicated elsewhere.”

You can watch City Architect Ali Grehan discussing the project further here

We’ll keep you updated with the latest on this exciting project as it happens