Senior Executive Architect position in Dublin City Council

McKee Park; Project architects: Matt Carroll and Jeremy Wales, City Architects Division. Photograph: Donal Murphy Photographer.

The Public Appointments Service has announced its intention to hold a competition for the position of Senior Executive Architect post in Dublin City Council.

The Senior Executive Architect works as part of a multi disciplinary team delivering architectural services to the Local Authority and provides advice and leadership to the team. Reporting to a Senior Architect, or such other designated person(s) as may be assigned from time to time, the post holder will deliver a programme of architectural work and provide advice to the City Council on all architectural matters. The programme of work may include responsibility for the construction/refurbishment of social housing accommodation, management and maintenance of Council property and architectural advice as well as leadership and input to the positive development of the relevant region.

Vacancies currently exist in the following locations. Please note that some of the listed vacancies are confined to staff in the Local Authority (LA) sector only:
Dublin City Council – 1 open vacancy
Dublin City Council – 2 vacancies confined to staff in the LA sector

For more information, click here. Applications should be made through www.publicjobs.ie. Deadline is the 4th of February.

Best of Luck!