2020 Project Targets (Post 2 of 7) Public Housing using system build or modern methods of construction

Bonham Park
Image credit: Levitt Bernstein and ABK Architects

This is the second of seven posts on our 2020 project targets, and covers new-build public housing using system build or modern methods of construction. These projects are delivered via design & build construction contracts, and are sometimes referred to as ‘rapid delivery or volumetric’. This programme is delivered by City Architects Team 3, who manage external architect led consultant design teams and design & build contractors. City Architect in-house engineers manage project site investigation and site enabling works. The current programme focuses on apartment developments which is more complex than system-build two-storey housing. Construction has commenced on 256 homes on four sites, and designs are being prepared for further developments.

Springvale: View of internal street with new Scout /Community Hall in view
Image credit: Levitt Bernstein Architects

The following lists Team 3 current new-build public housing projects by name and location, size, design and contractor team (if on site), and 2020 target. Abbreviations of design team roles are explained at the end of the list.