Cultural and Corporate Projects
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Kevin Street Library; Refurbishment Works for Accessibility, DCA – full service
Image by City Architects 


Continuing our series of blog posts, giving insight into the work carried out by City Architects Division, today’s post focuses on projects that are neither Housing nor Public Realm.

They are projects relating to DCC’s Civic, Cultural or Corporate buildings and range from refurbishing and redeveloping public libraries to advising on the development of the Parnell Square Cultural Quarter; or from overseeing ongoing conservation refurbishment of Dublin city’s historic buildings such as The Mansion House, City Hall and The Rates Office; to the development of a new maintenance depot.

The variety of work stems from the variety of client departments and the in-house team that handles these projects is broad-ranging in knowledge and experience. Here are some projects that the team have been involved in:


Mansion House;  Conservation repairs to Oak Room, DCA – full service
Images by City Architects




City Hall; Ceiling repair works, DCA – full service
Images by City Architects




Sealawn Lodge; Complete refurbishment, DCA – full service
Image by City Architects





Rates Office; Window & Brickwork repairs, DCA – full service
Images by City Architects




Red Stables – Artists-in-Residence Conservation refurbishment – DCA provided full service
Images by TBC