Dublin City Council Estate Renewal
2018-03 Renewal of Dublin City Estates
Photo credit Greg Dunn

City Architects recently prepared a report giving an update on the upgrading and renewal of existing Dublin City Council flat complexes. The report, Estate Renewal Technical Report 1, was submitted as part of a proposal for large scale renewal made by the Housing Department to Dublin City Council’s Housing Strategic Policy Committee on Wednesday 8th March.

The report provides an update on City Architects’ work in relation to upgrading and renewal of existing flat complexes, with a proposed programme of renewal for nine complexes to be carried out over the next ten years, involving the provision of about 700 upgraded or new homes. A range of alternative approaches are set out in the report  which are intended to create improved homes and neighbourhoods, address social inclusion and anti-social behaviour, provide additional housing where appropriate and help meet climate change mitigation targets. The approach taken to individual locations would vary based on the particular characteristics of each estate. The report follows a City Wide Audit which was carried out in 2010/2011 to prioritise the complexes that were in most need of refurbishment.

Where it is proposed to retrofit housing, all retrofitted homes would be designed to be used for sixty years, meeting all standards that new housing would meet in relation to floor areas, accessibility, fire safety, energy performance, indoor air quality and so on.

The discussion of the report and the renewal proposal can be seen here