Dublin Squares Conference 2013: 13th September 2013

Dublin Civic Trust have announced a major one-day conference assessing the role and significance, past, present and future, of the historic squares of Dublin.

Placing a special emphasis on the north Georgian area of the city in collaboration with The Mountjoy Square Society, this major one-day (13th September 2013)  symposium will be hosted in the magnificent environment of the former ballroom of the Assembly Rooms of the Rotunda Hospital on Parnell Square, once the focus of social life in eighteenth-century Dublin.

Dublin’s five major historic squares are emblematic of the city’s internationally renowned eighteenth-century heritage, synonymous with Enlightenment principles of urban planning, ordered street architecture and classically inspired park and garden design. The square has ancient roots in Greek and Roman civilisations, and later in the Renaissance civic planning of continental Europe, however it is the local, vernacular interpretation of the urban square in the Dublin context, and the social and economic dynamics that forged it, that lend these surviving built and natural landscapes a unique interest in the modern world

For more information on this conference (price, venue, time) and how to book please visit Dublin Civic trust here.


Photograph: Greg Dunn http://www.stoneybutter.com/