‘In Progress’ The Way Wiser Collective

We thought we would share this film of a recent project at the historic City Markets building by the Way Wiser Collective.

The Collective’s video art projection ‘In Progress’ was selected from an open call competition for inclusion in Dublin Contemptibles 2: Gentrify This! local arts festival, September 13 – 30th 2012. The site-specific video projection was located at Dublin City Council’s Market building. Using a projected animation the Way Wiser Collective transformed the front facade as a surface to recall the original construction of the building.

The projected animation explores the process of gentrification, through an examination of the Victorian tradesmen who built the DCC Market Building.  The collective based the drawings on photographs from The National Library providing a direct connection with the period; however, during the process the themes transform and become imaginative interpretations. The resulting work is a combination of the practical and the fantastical, the modern and the ancient, the micro and the macro.

The Way-Wiser Collective was founded in 2011 with the mission of exploring latent possibilities in the urban landscape and creating interventions to shift public awareness. The members include Gráinne Tynan, Eimear Tynan, Mark Ferguson and Francis Quinn. They work out of The Market Studios, Dublin 7.