National Tree Week

As part of National Tree Week and Dublin City Tree Strategy, City Architects is reviewing opportunities for tree-planting in recently completed housing schemes, particularly the ‘rapid design-build’ housing projects. City Architects will collaborate with a firm of Landscape Architects to develop plans for integrating native and other suitable species into these new social housing developments. Another opportunity that is actively being pursued is the use of green roofs on future developments.

Dublin City Tree Strategy 2016-2020

The theme of this year’s National Tree Week is “Planting for our Planet”. Trees and other vegetation play an important role in helping to reduce climate change effects by reducing the amount of greenhouse gases and other pollutants in the atmosphere. Trees assist in the attenuation and filtration of storm water run-off, particularly in areas dominated by hard surfaces. They also help to counteract the heat island effects of built-up areas and are important for increasing and supporting an area’s bio-diversity.

The impact of trees in an urban environment increases the quality of life for residents within the community. Trees promote a general sense of well-being, not only by the visual impact of their beauty through the changing seasons but studies show that people feel a calming effect from being near trees.

Sunday March 31st-Sunday April 7th 2019, National Tree Week, is a week-long programme of events organised by the Tree Council of Ireland in association with Coillte and Forest Industries Ireland. See treecouncil.ie for the full programme of events as well as details of how to get involved.