CoHousing Here! Conference and Workshop on 14th and 15th June 2019 in Dublin

Spreefeld CoHousing development Berlin. Photo by Ali Grehan

If you’re interested in CoHousing as an approach to achieving sustainable urban development, you should check out SOA’s forthcoming conference on Friday 14th June in Dublin Castle and interactive workshop on Saturday 15th June  at TU Dublin. Called CoHousing Here! the event is a timely opportunity to discuss resident-led housing, architecture, community and affordability. It will bring innovators, policymakers and activists together to explore the processes that make CoHousing unique – participative design, innovative home and community building, democratic urban planning, and agency for residents in the creation of their homes. Critically, you’ll hear from international speakers who have made CoHousing projects a reality across Europe.

You can find out more about the event on SOA’s website, including how to register.

The event is supported by Dublin City Council and the Housing Agency among others.