St. Teresa’s Gardens Precinct Improvements

New timber play area

Residents of St. Teresa’s Gardens have been enjoying the new central landscaped and play areas by City Architects and Aoife Tuomey Architects. This forms part of the wider regeneration of St. Teresa’s Gardens of which Dublin City Council have been working on since 2011, in partnership with St. Teresa’s Regeneration Board and the residents of St. Teresa’s Gardens. The old flat blocks have been demolished, and two retained flat blocks of 56 apartments have been refurbished to house the consolidated tenancies.

Remaining flat blocks and central space before refurbishment

Remaining flat blocks and central space after refurbishment 2014 – 2016 and precinct improvements 2019

Construction of 54 new social housing units on Dublin City Council lands commenced in 2018 and completion is anticipated in the last quarter of 2020 as detailed in the previous St. Teresa’s Gardens Redevelopment Blog. In addition, there are plans to deliver the first phase of a Public Park, the provision of a temporary grass multisport pitch and the future demolition of the remaining two flat blocks (on completion of the 54 new homes under construction) to facilitate the completion of a large public park which will incorporate multisport facilities.

The residents of the refurbished flat blocks have been patient in awaiting the redevelopment. In addition to the refurbished units, to accommodate residents during the regeneration, a precinct improvement scheme with a playground was planned for the underutilised public open space bounded by the flat blocks.

The precinct improvement scheme was designed in consultation with the community and was facilitated by Dublin City Council and the St. Teresa’s Regeneration Board.

Children’s seating                                                                                                                         Seating and Picnic tables

The precinct improvement works commenced in January 2019, concluded at the end of March, and have been well used by residents. The feedback from the residents on the precinct scheme has been extremely positive since its completion. The maintenance and care of the playground and garden areas has been facilitated by DCC Area management and the residents themselves.

The scheme provides hard and soft landscaped areas with appropriate seating located near the playground to allow supervision of toddlers and younger children. Play equipment for all ages is incorporated including a table tennis table, outdoor class room, slides / climbing equipment and a see saw with safety surface play areas and softer green landscaping and wild space zones.

Wild zone                                                                                                                                      St.Teresa in her new home

The demolition of the two remaining apartment blocks to facilitate the final phases of the regeneration will occur in 2021 following the completion / occupation of the 54 new homes currently under construction.

Design Team

 Project Manager – Dublin City Council City Architects

Consultant Architects – Aoife Tuomey Architects

Civil & Structural Engineers – Tobin Consulting Engineers

M & E Engineers – Dublin City Council Public Lighting and Electrical Services Divisions

Quantity Surveyors – Dublin City Council QS Division | Vesey Associates

Contractor – Cairn Construction