Aungier Street Historic Walking Tour

Carmelite Church, 1840 - Dublin Civic Trust

City Architects and the City Archaoelogist’s office will be giving two walking tours around the historic Aungier Estate (centred on Aungier Street) on Wednesday August 22nd, as part of Heritage Week 2012.

The tours take in the history and architecture and are based on a recent research project undertaken by the Conservation Officer and Dublin Civic Trust.

As a taster, below are some views from around the estate from the past and for more information and booking details please click HERE.

Longford Street, late 19th Century - Dublin Civic Trust


Digges Lane, late 19th Century - Dublin Civic Trust


The Swan Bar, 1922 - Dublin Civic Trust


Wexford Street, 1950 - Dublin Civic Trust


York Street, 1962 - Dublin Civic Trust


JJ Smyths - Dublin Civic Trust